Fake iEdge Card

Recently, as early as February 12th, the existence of a fake iEdge card has been reported. Many users have come to expect R4 cards to have bad and unreliable clones, but it’s always been assumed that the Edge brand was clone free, as it was for so long. That’s now changed with the introduction of this new clone. So far it has been confirmed that they are being distributed but all current sources of the fake have yet to be determined.

So far, the fake iEdge displays behavior of a DSTT clone, but there is also speculation that it is an Acekard 2i clone. Needless to say, it is far less refined then a real iEdge card and has no guarantee of its stability or continued support. It is definitely recommended to avoid. The Edge Team has recognized the fake’s existence and released the following statement…

“22 / 3 / 2010

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Fake iEDGE products in the market!

It has come to our attention that a site, namely, is selling 먹튀사이트 검증 products using the EDGE brand name. These fakes are not supported by the EDGE firmware and the product is no way associated with the EDGE team. Consumers should avoid purchase of this product, as the support is poor and the compatibility is low. We will shortly post pictures showing you how to identify the fakes.”

Looking at the packaging, it’s difficult to tell that it’s fake, but as soon as it is opened up there are a few giveaways just from the physical clues. While many production shots of the iEdge, even those on the official Edge site, show the iEdge in black, the actual card itself comes only in white. The original Edge card had a black option, but such is not the case with the iEdge. Thus, a black iEdge card is likely fake. A spring clip for the micro SD slot is indicative of a fake. The packaging of a fake is identical to a real iEdge card except that it refers you to the non-official website The true site is without the “i” at the end of the “edge.” This will be the primary method of identifying the fake.

If further verification is required, then the following should also verify that the card is real or not. Instead of the official firmware (using the Sudoku game) showing up, Danny Phantom will display on the DS menu. If the bootstrap has yet to be flashed, the iEdge logo with the official website will show up on the true iEdge. If the unintended software is loaded onto the fake iEdge it will display a red “Menu?” error identical to DSTT clone behavior. The official Edge GUI menu also differs from that of the fake.