Your Guide to Online Marketing Success

In today’s business world, online marketing isn’t just effective; it’s essential

At one time, business essentials were limited to business cards, yellow page ads and brochures. Newspapers, radio and television were used by cutting-edge businesses of yore and still reap huge rewards for big-businesses today. Mass media are generally just not cost-effective for most local businesses. In the 21st Century, it’s clear that the impact of these tools is diminished by the world wide web. We search for products and services online from our desktops, laptops and cell phones. Yet most local business owners don’t take advantage of the affordability and profits available through online marketing.

Like a business plan and a budget, an Internet marketing strategy is essential for modern-day small business success. While a website provides a good starting point, online marketing requires more than a couple of static web pages. Instead, a successful internet approach requires a dynamic and well-rounded web presence that builds relationships in addition to sales, fans in addition to customers.

A comprehensive Internet marketing strategy replaces newspaper ads with banner ads, yellow pages with search engines, snail mail with e-mail, town squares with social networks and sales letters with custom content. The technology is as evolutionary as it is revolutionary, and smart businesses are taking advantage of current environment to trounce their competition.

Tools and technology aside, there are dozens of reasons to engage actively and often in Internet marketing. Here are a few of the most persuasive:

1. When they need information, modern-day consumers go online; your successful internet marketing program will make sure they find you when they are shopping for your product or service.
2. Online marketing has tremendous research potential; if nothing else, companies should engage in torrez market urL research in order to collect data about their customers, prospects and competitors.
3. By marketing on the internet, companies can reach a highly targeted audience; what’s more, they can reach it quickly, intimately and more cost-effectively online than traditional marketing approaches.
4. Online marketing lends itself to instant conversions. Customers can quickly and easily find what they want and immediately click through to purchase it.
5. Compared with many traditional marketing vehicles, Internet marketing services are both more affordable and more effective.
6. Internet marketing provides marketing power to local business owners; by marketing online, your company can enjoy big-business marketing exposure on a local marketing budget.

Action Steps. Some contacts and resources to help you get started with your online marketing:

Search engine marketing strengthens your online marketing strategy.
Once you have a website, Internet marketing via search engines will help your customers find it. Consider search engine optimization, which will improve your search engine rankings, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, which markets your company via relevant, targeted search engine queries.
ACTION: Before you build a web site, use Wordtracker’s free keyword suggestion tool to choose keywords; use those keywords in your descriptions and meta-tags, PPC advertising via Google AdWords and Yahoo! Sponsored Search in order to build search engine traffic.

Select appropriate display advertising and leverage online marketing tools
Display advertising, including banner ads, is a basic form of online marketing. Because you’ll pay for impressions – banner ads are usually priced using CPM, or cost per thousand impressions – make sure you place ads only on websites that your target markets visit.
ACTION: Yahoo! Advertising provides Internet marketing services to design, purchase and place your Internet advertisements

Public relations promotes your online marketing image
Marketing on the internet includes more than advertising; it’s also about public relations. Generate publicity online and continually monitor, build and maintain your online reputation.
ACTION: Include Google Alerts in your online marketing strategy. Use them to keep tabs on mentions of your name, your company and your products online; search Technorati for mentions in blogs and social media. And, when you write press releases, distribute them via a newswire service like PRWeb, which allows you to tag your release for exposure on social bookmarking sites like Digg and

Engage e-mail marketing to reach your online market
Promotional e-mails, including targeted messages and periodic e-mail newsletters, are effective, opt-in tools for one-to-one marketing. Send news or send coupons, but whatever you do, don’t spam.
ACTION: VerticalResponse is a popular e-mail marketing vendor that can help you develop and execute a one-on-one marketing strategy; browse its resources page for e-mail marketing research, tips and advice.

Pursue affiliate marketing to leverage online marketing relationships
A collaborative approach to Internet marketing, affiliate marketing consists of advertisements on other people’s websites. When a customer clicks on the ads and visits your website, your affiliate gets a small commission. You can also reverse the process and get profits from promoting other vendors’ products
ACTION: LinkShare and ClickBank are examples of companies that provide affiliate-focused internet marketing services, and are directories where you can search for affiliate networks based on location, industry, etc.

Make blogging an integral piece of your internet marketing strategy
Blogs offer business owners an affordable and personable way to connect online with customers. Blogging about your business, your industry and your life positions you as an expert, an advocate and most importantly, a real person.
ACTION: For a low monthly fee, you can publish your own blog via sites like TypePad and Movable Type; Blogger and WordPress, meanwhile, are free. Don’t forget to market your blog via RSS feeds; while most blogging software will create RSS feeds for you, online marketing companies like SimpleFeed can help, too.

Get involved in social networks to broaden your online reach
Social networks are the networking component to your modern-day online marketing strategy; giving your company a presence on popular social networks especially engages younger consumers and turns them into brand evangelists.
ACTION: While MySpace, Friendster and Facebook tend to be the most attractive social networks for companies who are marketing on the Internet, other sites, such as Second Life and Twitter, are becoming major players. Still other sites, like LinkedIn, are proving themselves important stomping grounds for B2B marketers.

Photos and video provide impact to your online marketing
Use pictures of your business, staff and customers everywhere you can. Images touch us emotionally and convey messages quickly. Remember that surfers have short attention-spans.
ACTION: Start taking pictures of your business’ world right now, poast them to your website and social sites, like your Facebook page.

Release viral marketing to spread your online marketing message
Whether you send a viral e-mail, produce a viral video or build a viral website, Internet marketing of the viral variety spreads far and fast, allowing you to start small and finish big.
ACTION: Consider uploading branded media to sites like YouTube, Revver or Flickr. A video or photo that goes viral can attract heaps of new business.


How to Decide What Product Or Service to Offer in Your Next Social Media Online Marketing Campaign

What to consider when Promoting a product or service using Social Media Online Marketing Campaign

Personally, I have to have a good fit with my online marketing plan, as I am not just in it for the money. You have so many options for your online marketing campaign; I find it a tough making decisions. I say carefully analyze the stats provided the certain internet marketing strategies you have outlined for your business, then follow your gut.

Here are some online marketing tips…How you develop relationships and how you play social politics lays the foundation for your marketing branding in online communities. In Your campaign strategy you must provide value to people’s lives.

It took me 8 months to get a good grip on the massive complexity of online marketing education, SEO- SEM strategies, site structure, various online marketing tools, social protocol- SEO2.0 and marketing branding. All the while I was applying these theories to my target market and intended service I was planning to promote to create an effective online advertising and torrez market urL.

Notice I did not mention programming, html, web design, IT, fulfillment /e commerce… If I did not have my partner Glenna Branham to do the excellent job she does covering those areas, I would be burnt toast.

Well sometimes the rush of it all…. feels like the possible rush one would feel having their skin seared from a branding iron…literally… yikes.

Seriously, Daily I asked myself…is this what branding marketing and online advertising is all about. Do I have what it takes to survive in such a stressed, high paced and demanding environment?

Choosing a niche is what you do in the first 3 days the thirty day challenge. After completing my online marketing search with my new Market Samurai tool, the results made me feel a bit defeated. Then doubt of success began to creep in….. again.

So what made me feel defeated with Market Samurai’s results?

The results said do not waste your time.” However, prior to my experience with Market Samurai, my online marketing research results provided by another search strategy and set of tools said “go for it”

Hence my confusion…

One of the many  things I do love about the thirty day challenge, aside from its name, is that it encourages consistency. It so far is the most brilliantly delivered online marketing programs I have ever received, for free. These guys are amazing. Their accent rocks…which I find an additional treat… You have got to check them out.

Back to my dilemma…

So I decided to ignore my findings with Market Samurai and continue on with my original online campaign strategy

Am I wasting  my time, will I loose money? We shall see… however I do not believe so.

What I want to share is this…

1. If you are planning to start an internet business, go at it like it is a REAL business, consistency is one of the key components to your online marketing plan if you expect to pull this massive gig off enough to produce an income, just like any other business.

2. The tasks required to maintain this online marketing mix with Research& Development is daunting.

3. Keep in mind; marketing is only 20% selling or less. Your main goal needs to be focused more on marketing branding and relationship building. So it takes a lot longer to build a solid foundation of trust.

4. Applying social media online strategies affords value beyond belief if approached correctly. That is why there is much room at the top, yet at the top there is fierce competition. This is where branding saves your butt, stay true to yourself.

5. Staying true to yourself could be dangerous to your health, as it requires self examination in preparation for a new level of transparency in seo2.0. Again, plenty of room at the top, cause for most of us… to be honest…we do not like what we see in ourselves.